Wednesday, 26 September 2012

3 ways to align data quality to your company goals

One of the key decisions for a data quality team is how you are going to deploy within your organisational structure. The positioning you want to take within your organisation and the activities you choose to undertake are vital to getting co-operation and support. Here are my thoughts about ensuring your deployment of data quality is consistent with the aspirations of your organisation.

1.  Control your IS expenditure and track against high-level corporate goals
The reason why outsourcing to India has been so prevelant in the UK is because all businesses are watching IS expenditure. It is one of the most aggressively controlled areas. Aligning your IT costs  to  high-level corporate ambition will ensure you are not left on a limb when the budget is being assigned.

2.  Align services with your marketing or sales department
Make sure that a sizeable amount of your service is focused towards supporting your sales and marketing functions. This ensures your actions support the commercial opportunities that your organisation wishes to attain.

3. Allow your risk, compliance and governance functions to have a say in the prioritisation of your work
This will ensure that your efforts are prioritised in accordance with your corporate intentions to avoid financial, regulatory, reputation and operational risk.

Data quality activities need to be a balancing act, allocating the best projects to mitigate risk and also to maximise opportunities. So find the key departments that already have the best track record in delivering these attributes and support them. 

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