Saturday, 7 December 2013

Tips on how to get on in Tech

You may be surprised to hear that I did not originally want to work in data or technology. In fact the idea of sitting at a desk for any length of time used to fill me with terror. When I did find myself working in an office, I gravitated towards technical roles because they interested me. Some people are not so lucky, and may find themselves having to do something they find difficult. Here are some tips to get you more proficient in the technical aspects of your role:

1.  The internet is your friend.
Believe it or not, whatever piece of technical equipment you may need to operate, there are forums somewhere on the internet, dedicated to people sharing knowledge. Join up and share your problems. There is a wealth of support out there.

2.  Cultivate a strong sense of curiosity
The great thing about tech people is they like to share their knowledge. If you have colleagues who are technically proficient, swallow your pride and ask them. Don't forget - there is no such thing as a stupid question. Ask, then shut up and let them tell you.

3.  Apply practically
An idea or concept is useless unless it can be put into practice. So if you learn something, look for ways in which it can be applied and implement them - before you forget it altogether.

4.  Don't be precious about your methods
You've learned a programming language or a package. It's a great sense of achievement. But technology is always on the move. New things come along all the time. Sometimes that means we need to discard old ways of doing things to improve. Tying yourself to one package may give you problems when industry changes direction. 

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