Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bad data, bad health?

It has been long known that people with mental health issues have a shorter life expectancy than their healthier counterparts. But until now, it has not been understood just how far this extends. A recent health study has produced some startling results. People with mild mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and stress are 16% more likely to die prematurely.

There are many factors that contribute towards anxiety and stress - home life, status, location, self esteem etc. One of the major factors has to be where and how you work. You spend 8 hrs plus per day there, so it plays a significant role in your life. Most people will admit that they spend more time with their colleagues than their own families.

In my many years in business, one of the key drivers to stress is poor data quality that arises from high organisational entropy. Contrary to popular belief, your data quality section is not interested in apportioning blame. We are aware that the high entropy of the organisation is the real culprit. We work on all levels to solve problems, and you will rarely be personally scrutinised. If poor data quality is getting you down, you owe it to yourself, for the sake of your health, to raise your problems with colleagues who can help. Don't sit and suffer. Contact your data quality colleagues today. 

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